Industries aiding the growth of British Columbia

British Columbia is a well-populated location in Canada with an estimated population of 43.6 million. With a population this large, a booming economy is expected. The industries that have played a part in making British Columbia what it is have been compiled and each plays an essential part in its economy.

  • Forestry:

This is essentially the major means by which the economy of British Columbia grows. It makes use of the market advantages that the city has such as its closeness to Asia, the labor intensive focus, and the city’s consistency when it comes to making use of easy and sustainable practices.

  • International Education:

It has been known to produce standard education that is recognized worldwide thus British Columbia is steadily recognized by parents and students alike as a noted destination to further education. It also gives expanded the information on benefits of studying abroad.

  • Tourism:

The business of tourism in British Columbia is noted for an industry that creates the most jobs. It provides avenues for entrepreneurs to step into the market alongside long term and short term jobs for those who reside within.

  • Agrifoods:

Agriculture is another job-creating industry in British are steadily made available for investors and industry partners alike. The produce created is one of the freshest, healthiest and safest crop that one can get.

  • Mining and energy;

The mining and energy market provides a wide range of jobs which in turn builds up the nation’s economy. The innovative nature of B.C makes that its largest city Vancouver is recognized as a powerhouse of engineering, finance, and environmental matters.

  • Natural Gas;

The natural gas sector provides a lot of investment opportunities. The revenue created by this area is then put back into the economy and used for social funds to create bridges and roads. The natural gases are used as fuel means and equally traded.

  • Small Business:

Small businesses make for approximately 31 percent GDP of the province’s economy and is a major export source accounting for over 86 percent. Similar to companies in Alberta like pressure washing Fort McMurray, small businesses in BC are a vital component to the growth of industry in the province

  • Transportation:

When searching for what the major influencer of the economy of B.C, you really wouldn’t have to look further than transportation. The transport system of B.C isn’t limited to the road but extends to air, sea, and rail. The province relies on transportation as a way to interact with the global market.  The reliability of the transport systems adds to why it contributes majorly to the economy.

  • Technology and Green economy:

The technology sector in B.C is the second largest for job creation in the sector over the last decade. The sector is always looking for innovative individuals who are willing to put in work to create the next best thing.

  • Manufacturing:

This sector is practically involved in all other sectors in the sense that the products made from other sectors are a result of manufacturing.

  • Aboriginal Peoples and First Nations:

To inculcate a united nation, the government of the province has created plans that give the aboriginal people roles to play in the growth of te economy. This work can only grow for as long as the government is committed to the people’s opinions and goals.

All in all, British Columbia is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with in Canada as its innovative nature leads to economic growth. With this growth, the inhabitant of the land are also carried along as each sector that plays a part in the economy creates endless job opportunities for people.